Planet Weird

Planet Hollywood
Las Vegas, NV
May 14, 2015

Another great show tonight. Again, it was the same setlist, though a few new video clips were thrown in, and a few moved around. For example the Hitler clip from Drunk History was added, and the clip where the lady forgets who sang "Eat It" was moved to after the unplugged medley. I remember them doing this at the start of other tours as they work out the pacing.

Jackie and I had second row seats but they were actually kind of crappy as they were way off to the side. The only good thing about them was that "Weird Al" Yankovic sang to Jackie as he walked by in "Tacky". However, there were four open seats closer to the center of our row, so we moved to them at the first video clip break and had a much better view, and a much more enjoyable time.

At the show, there was a guy named Jerry who attended all the shows and dressed up for them. His outfits were awesome. For the first show he came dressed in full military garb as Al on the cover of Mandatory Fun. I saw him before the show but he was going down the escalator as I was going up so I couldn't snap a picture. He skipped the second show to see Britney Spears instead, but at tonight's show he came as the guy from the "Foil" video. I took a picture with him after the concert. I can't wait to see if he comes up with any other outfits at future shows.

The show wasn't sold out, but it was a pretty full theater, with a lot more people than the previous night. I saw Sara Alperin sitting front row center, and there was another guy right in front of us that was having the time of his life. I thought he might injure himself doing the "Fat" jump.

The ice cream hat wasn't lighted again for "Perform This Way". I'm not yet sure if that's intentional or not as this is now the second show in a row. Al ditched the hat for "Wanna B Ur Lovr" again before leaving the stage. I'm sure that was intentional, as it was getting in the way during the first show.

Al sang a lot to security guards, as well as one very embarrassed woman who got kablammed. He also sang to Jackie again. It looked like the girl sitting next to Sara got the stare down at the end. There was a little less ad libbing during the James Brown ending. I keep expecting him to break into "Living With A Hernia", even if it's just for one verse. Seeing the Amish band rock out though is pretty funny too.

After the show we met up with Bob Groder and went to Chili's for some after show snacks and socializing. These shows are so much fun as I'm getting to see and spend quality time with a lot of people I haven't seen since the last tour at the least.