Planet Weird

Planet Hollywood
Las Vegas, NV
May 13, 2015

The setlist for the second show was exactly the same as the first show, however, of course, there were some subtle differences in costume, video clip length and other minor things. I also had a much better view of the entire stage than at the first show, so I picked up on some things I may have missed before. Like your pet may be an extraterrestrial... no wait, that's not it.

"Weird Al" Yankovic flubbed a line in "Tacky" at the beginning of the show so at the very least that confirms that the video feed each night is indeed live. One difference between the previous show was that during "Perform This Way" the ice cream cone hat wasn't lighted.

In "Handy", Al added a tool belt to his wardrobe. During "Wanna B Ur Lovr", Al came down the little aisle next to where we were sitting and sang to Jackie. He also ditched his hat before getting off stage. This was likely because the hat had interfered with his audience interaction at the previous show.

Rubén Valtierra's keyboards weren't working for the beginning of the unplugged medley, so Rubén ran back to his keyboards until a stage hand fixed the problem, at which point he came back to the semicircle.

After the show, a big group of us, including Sara Alperin, Helen Ketchum, Carlotta Barnes, and Peggy Riley Philips, went to P.F. Chang for drinks and socializing. They gave us our own private room, which was really nice, and made us feel really important!