Warp Al's Image

Starting around early 1998, "Weird Al" changed his trademark look. Al got LASIK surgery and ditched his glasses, shaved his mustache, and let his short, naturally curly hair grow out. Lucky for his fans, Al kept one thing constant, all of his funny powers, and still manages to makes his fans laugh!

Here you'll find an applet program that will allow you to play around with Al's image. We don't know if Al used a similar program to help him decide on his look, but we do know that if he did, he sure would have had fun!

Click and drag anywhere on the photos of Al below. You get best results if you click on a specific feature and drag it just a short distance. Enjoy!

You can warp Al's current look too!

(If you had a Java-capable browser, you'd see a really cool applet here.)

Thanks to Alex Rosen for the AlexWarp applet.