Sweet Emotion

During Al's "Off the Deep End" special on MTV, Al dubs his voice over Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" video. As a result, the conversation between the phone sex operator and the customer becomes quite humorous. You may want to view the original video along with this transcript for the full effect. Here's what Al says:

Billy: Hi Lee. How ya doin?
Lee: Well I have a bleeding ulcer and a little diarrhea.
Hey, whats your name?
Billy: Billy.
Lee: Oooh. I like that name. What are you? Some kind of pathetic loser?
Billy: Yes, yes.
Lee: How old are you Billy?
Billy: I'm 26. After that I'll be 27. Then 28.
Lee: What are you gonna have for breakfast Billy?
Pancakes with Aunt Jemima syrup?
Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage?
You sound like a real mental retard.
Hey Billy.
I'm sitting on a banana. (Weird guy laughs)
I hope you like poodles.
Billy: Yeah!
I'm having chest pains. Listen. (holds phone to chest)
Lee: Are you having like a credit long distance phone company?
Billy is your refrigerator running?
Billy: Yes. Yes it is.
Lee: (who has now become the old woman with curlers in her hair) Well you better go catch it honey! (snort)(hangs up phone)
Billy: I don't get it.
Al: And remember kids, before you have phone sex, always get your parents permission first.