The Style Parody List

All of "Weird Al" Yankovic's song's fall into at least one of five categories: parody, style parody, polka, cover version, or original.

By definition, parodies are a subset of style parodies. This list will focus on style parodies that are not direct parodies. A style parody closely relates to a parody, in that it sounds an awful lot like something you've heard before, but not exactly. While a parody is generally a word-for-word or note-for-note translation from one song to another, a style parody is more loosely based. Style parodies may be in the style of one artist, or may be in the style of one song, or may be in the style of an entire genre of music, or a combination of such. An original is a song that has little or no style influence.

Please note that unconfirmed style parodies are subjective. Therefore, style parodies that make the list are at my discretion. They may or may not reflect what Al was thinking when he wrote the song, but I try to reflect what I think Al was thinking as accurately as I can. If you think a style parody fits a particular style that I don't have listed, please let me know.

This list includes data from all of Al's full-length albums through "Straight Outta Lynwood."


Style parodies based on a specific genre (or gender, if you will) of music, are perhaps the easiest to recognize. These are songs that are marked by a distinctive style, form, or content, that is not defined by a specific artist. There is no debate on these.

Song Style Status
Buy Me a Condo reggae genre Confirmed
Christmas At Ground Zero Christmas carols genre Confirmed
Generic Blues blues genre Confirmed
Gotta Boogie boogie genre Confirmed
My Baby's in Love With Eddie Vedder zydeco Confirmed
Since You've Been Gone a cappella genre Confirmed
This Is The Life Late 1920s through early 1930s genre Confirmed (Ask Al)

Artist Specific

These are style parodies based on a specific artist or group, or specific song. There is no debate on these.

Song Style Status
Albuquerque The Rugburns ("Dick's Automotive") Confirmed (Ask Al)
Bob Bob Dylan Confirmed
Buckingham Blues blues genre, John Mellencamp ("Jack and Diane") Confirmed
Dare to Be Stupid Devo Confirmed (Ask Al)
Dog Eat Dog Talking Heads Confirmed (Ask Al)
Don't Download This Song group charity songs genre, USA For Africa ("We Are The World"), "Hands Across America" Confirmed
Don't Wear Those Shoes none (although the intro is in the style of The Kinks) Confirmed (Ask Al)
Everything You Know Is Wrong They Might Be Giants Confirmed (Ask Al)
Frank's 2000" TV R.E.M. Confirmed
Genius in France Frank Zappa Confirmed
Germs Nine Inch Nails Confirmed (Ask Al)
Good Old Days James Taylor Confirmed
Happy Birthday Tonio K Confirmed
I'm So Sick of You Elvis Costello Confirmed (Ask Al)
Mr. Popeil B-52's Confirmed (Ask Al)
The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota Harry Chapin, Gordon Lightfoot Confirmed (Ask Al)
Trigger Happy Beach Boys, Jan and Dean Confirmed (Ask Al)
Twister Beastie Boys Confirmed (Ask Al)
Velvet Elvis The Police Confirmed
Wanna B Ur Lovr Beck, Prince Confirmed (Ask Al)
Why Does This Always Happen to Me Ben Folds Confirmed
You Make Me Oingo Boingo Confirmed (Ask Al)
Your Horoscope For Today ska genre, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish Confirmed (Ask Al)

Highly Likely

These style parodies have not yet been been acknowledged as such by Al first-hand to my knowledge, but they're almost a given. There's little, or no debate on these.

Song Style Status
Callin' in Sick Nirvana ("Come As You Are") Unconfirmed
Good Enough For Now country genre Unconfirmed
Nature Trail to Hell Michael Jackson ("Thriller") Unconfirmed
One More Minute doo wop genre, Elvis Presley Unconfirmed
Party At The Leper Colony Johnny Otis ("Willie And The Hand Jive") Unconfirmed
Slime Creatures From Outer Space Thomas Dolby ("Hyperactive") Unconfirmed
The Night Santa Went Crazy Soul Asylum ("Black Gold"), Ozzy Osbourne ("Mama, I'm Coming Home") Unconfirmed
Traffic Jam Prince ("Let's Go Crazy") Unconfirmed
Truck Drivin' Song C.W. McCall Unconfirmed
You Don't Love Me Anymore rock ballad genre, Extreme ("More Than Words") Unconfirmed
Young, Dumb, and Ugly AC/DC Unconfirmed

Less Likely

These style parodies have not yet been been acknowledged as such by Al first-hand to my knowledge, and they are pretty suspect. Perhaps Al was slightly influenced by these, but it is most likely just a coincidence that they sound similiar. They are just listed for completeness. There's much debate on these.

Song Style Status
Stuck in a Closet With Vanna WhiteVan Halen ("Feel Your Love Tonight"), Aerosmith Unconfirmed
Talk Soup Peter Gabriel ("Sledgehammer", "Big Time", "Steam") Unconfirmed
Waffle King Peter Gabriel ("Sledgehammer") Unconfirmed
When I Was Your Age Don Henley ("Dirty Laundry") Unconfirmed


These songs sound like nothing else. They are most likely straight original songs directly from Al's warped mind. They have little, if any, outside influence. There is little debate on these, because there is little to debate.

Song Style
Airline Amy unknown
Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters From a Planet Near Mars unknown
Cable TV unknown
Fun Zone unknown
Hardware Store unknown
Harvey the Wonder Hamster unknown
I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead unknown
I Remember Larry unknown
I Was Only Kidding unknown
Let Me Be Your Hog unknown
Melanie unknown
Midnight Star unknown
Mr. Frump in the Iron Lung unknown
One of Those Days unknown
She Never Told Me She Was a Mime unknown
Such a Groovy Guy unknown
That Boy Could Dance unknown
The Check's in the Mail unknown
The Weird Al Show Theme unknown
UHF unknown

Much research for this list was provided by World Of "Weird Al" Yankovic Forum.