WEIRD AL YANKOVIC: Eat It (Scotti Brothers).

New Musical Express
April 14, 1984
by Charles Shaar Murray

Alright, I admit -- elegant it ain't, subtle it ain't, brilliantly produced it ain't. Funny it is. Mr. Yankovic recasts the well-known gang epic as a lecture from a Jewish momma to a recalcitrant male offspring who is refusing to comsume his dinner. "Don't wanna argue I don't wanna debate / don't wanna hear about what kind of food you hate / you won't get no dessert 'til you clean up your plate so EAT IT!" (sic) There is even a parody of the Eddie Van (sic) guitar solo which is at least as funny as some of the verses. Funny pop records are incredibly rare -- except in Heavy Metal, which ever since Accept (of whom more later) has been beyond parody -- so the few examples of the breed which pop up now and then should be treated with a certain amount of respect.