MTV Uncensored

The 2001 book "MTV Uncensored" interviews various celebrities about their MTV memories. Al is one of those celebrities. Here's what it says:

20 Questions For 20 Years
What song best describes your current state of mind? "Dare To Be Stupid"
What is favorite video of all time? (sic) The video that my parents made all our old 8mm home movies. (sic)
What is your first memory of MTV? I didn't have cable TV for a long time, so I just kept hearing rumors about this mysterious channel that would play Night Ranger videos every hour.
Where were you the first time you saw yourself on MTV and how did you react? I was in front of a TV set, and I think I said something like, "Hey! I'm on TV!"
Does video enhance or hinder the song? It usually enhances it. I mean, think of all the subtleties in the "Thong Song" that you'd just miss if you didn't see the accompanying video.
What is the most memorable moment you've witnessed on MTV? For some reason, I can't get the image of Tom Green humping a dead moose out of my head.
What video work do you most admire? Mark Romanek, Spike Jonze, Stephen Johnson
What do you like most about MTV? They helped me buy my house.
What do you like least about MTV? I wish they hadn't given J.J. Jackson my home phone number.
What is your favorite guilty pleasure video? Teletubbies -- especially their early stuff.
What do you consider to be MTV's greatest achievement and/or greatest failure in its first 20 years? For better or worse, MTV has made it nearly impossible to think of a hit song without also thinking about its accompanying video images.
What is the worst reaction you've received to one of your videos? I hear Coolio wasn't too pleased with "Amish Paradise."
Videos should... Feature as many midgets as the budget will allow.
The best band name is Jesus Chrysler.
The greatest moment in rock and pop and rap was... The invention of electricity.
My biggest influence is John Tesh.
My favorite VMA performance Pee Wee Herman introducing the show that one year.
If I were president of MTV I would... Insist that Weird Al videos be played 24/7.
What artist would you most like to work with and what would you like to do with them? Madonna -- I'd like her to help me paint my house.
Did video kill the radio star? No, but it gave him a really bad wedgie.