When Bad Things Happen To Good Rockers

June 1998

IN HER PREVIOUS LIFE: A pop-metal vixen with huge hair - known simply as 'Tori' - who gave her band the inexplicable name Y Kant Tori Read. Their only album (1988) featured members of 'Weird Al' Yancovich's (sic) band. And, scantily clad, Tori cozied up to a motorcycle in the video for the single 'The Big Picture.'

THE COVER-UP: In the liner notes for this awful '80's affair, Tori actually thanked an exec for 'letting me make the album I wanted to make.' Later she blamed the mess on 'corporate pressures.' Her label, Atlantic Records - anxious to avoid the question, Y Kant Tori Stop Suing Us? - has wisely decided not to reissue the album.