David "Elvis" Rossi F.A.Q.

I've found some "Weird Al" concerts that were supposedly held, but never attended by Dave, and I've never seen them mentioned on any of his web pages. What the hey?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Al concerts that are in fact attended by somebody else. "Albuquerque" "Los Angeles" "Ottawa" (the list goes on and on...) - these concerts were NOT attended by Dave. If you want to verify whether or not a concert was actually attended by Dave, check the concerts page.

How did Dave get his start as a "Weird Al" fan?

Dave's earliest memory of Al was listening to "Eat It" on the radio one morning in 1984 before leaving for school. Dave was a big Michael Jackson fan and still thinks "Eat It" is one of the funniest things he's ever heard. As a young boy, Dave's cousin began sharing homemade tapes of various Al songs with Dave. Dave found a certain charm in the accordion-powered ditties that Al recorded. While most normal teenage boys were listening to the glam rock of the eighties, Dave was listening to Al tunes. By the time Dave graduated from college, he not only had a modest collection of memorabilia, but he also had attended a couple of live Al concerts. Now Dave tries to attend concerts whenever and wherever he can, and he hopes to one day have a complete collection of Al memorabilia from around the world.

Hey, these questions sound an awful lot like parodies of some of the questions in the FAQ found on The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Website. Did Dave get permission to do this website parody?

Since the law supports his ability to parody without permission, he didn't even bother asking. Besides, Dave likes to think Al, Bermuda, and Al's management have a sense of humor.

What does Al and the band think of Dave?

Al and the band are genuinely flattered and consider it an honor to have Dave as a fan. Dave has been mentioned by name in a few print and radio interviews, and Dave has even appeared on TV with Al. Al and the band have always been receptive to Dave whenever they've seen him at shows or events, and Dave would like to add that he thinks everyone in the band are incredibly super cool people and he's proud to be a fan!

What about Coolio? I heard that he was upset with Dave.

Coolio has no idea who Dave is, and Dave has nothing against Coolio. In fact, Dave thinks it's pretty cool the way Coolio desecrated that Stevie Wonder song.

Have any band members ever turned down Dave's request for a tattoo?

Even though most band members really do have a pretty good sense of humor, on a very rare occasion Dave has been denied permission to do a tattoo. Actually, the only band member to turn Dave down consistently over the years has been... well, I would tell you, but my keyboard doesn't have that little "e with the accent thingy" on it.

Is there going to be huge Flash animations on We've Got It All On UHF?

It seems very unlikely. As has been widely reported in the media, Dave recently rewrote his website We've Got It All On UHF. While Dave appreciates the hard work and time put into Flash animations, and thinks if used correctly, they can be very effective, he doesn't see a need to add one to his webpage. And now that Dave is done overhauling his webpage, the prospect of huge Flash animations seems, well, unlikely.

Does Dave only do parodies of other websites?

Uh, no. Most of the websites Dave wrote are originals, meaning that Dave wrote the code from scratch as well as the content. Dave uses a laptop to do all his computing nowadays. Dave is self-taught in coding web pages and most of the programming that he knows. If you're not sure whether a web page is one Dave wrote, check the writing credits at the bottom of the page. Dave always signs his web pages with his e-mail address and website name.

Who are Dave's musical influences?

Dave always credits "Weird Al" Yankovic, Elvis Presley, Aerosmith, and all the other wonderfully sick and twisted artists that he was exposed to over the years.

What's Dave's real name?

David Paul Rossi.

Where was Dave born?

Dave is the oldest child of Pete and Anita Rossi. Dave grew up with his sister Rebecca in Nutley, New Jersey (a suburb of New York City), although the hospital he was actually born in was in the neighboring town of Belleville.

How old is he now?

Dave was born at 8:59 PM on July 24, 1974. You figure it out.

Where did Dave go to school?

Dave attended Nutley High School, where he was an honors student and graduated at the age of 17. From there he went to the Rutgers University in New Brunswick, where he got a degree in Mathematics and Education.

Did Dave ever have any "real" jobs?

In high school and college Dave was a part-time retail sales clerk and occasional substitute teacher (don't ask). After graduating from college, Dave decided that teaching was not for him, so he works in a software development job for a large insurance company in Newark, New Jersey.

What are Dave's physical statistics?

Dave is 6'-0" tall, weighs around 200 pounds. He has hazel eyes and blond hair. His shoe size is 10 1/2, his underwear size is Large, his shirt size is usually Large, and his head is human-sized.

What the deal with Dave's long hair, beard, and glasses?

Dave is near-sighted and needs to wear glasses. Though there are times when Dave has short hair, Dave usually lets his hair grow long. He decides to get rid of the facial hair on occasion, although he usually grows it back when nobody's looking.

What is Dave's marital status?

Dave got married on July 29, 2009 to his wife Jackie. They have three cats, Kiko, Cody, and AJ. His beloved cat, Suzy, passed away in March 2010.

Where does Dave live now?

Dave and his family live in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Is Dave related to the famous King of Rock-n-Roll, Elvis Presley?

No, although he's been an admirer for many years. (In August 1977, Elvis passed away at his home in Graceland at the age of 42.)

What nationality is Dave?

Dave's grandparents on his father's side are Italian, and on his mother's side they are mostly German. But Dave is American and damn proud of it!!

How did Dave get the name "Elvis"?

Although he seems to remember people calling him "Elvis" during his freshman year in the Rutgers dorms, it didn't become official until Dave started going online in 1994. He gave himself the nickname of "Elvis" because of his admiration of Elvis Presley, and as Dave says, the nickname just kind of stuck.

What instruments does Dave play?


Is Dave a vegetarian?


Can I send my rubber bands to Dave?

Yes, please do. Dave does accept rubber bands from fans (he's gotten lots of rubber bands so far!) Although Dave's rubber band ball page has been discontinued, he still maintains the rubber band ball when he has time.

How can I get in touch with Dave?

While it's never guaranteed, sometimes Dave will meet with fans and friends at the concert venue (he usually hangs around a few hours or so before and after the show). He also occasionally goes to conventions and hangs out with other Al fans he's befriended over the years. Dave likes to hang out online too, so if you have Twitter or Facebook you might see him online there. You can also try sending an e-mail to Dave and being reeeeal nice.

Where can I see Dave's collection of Al's records, videos, and merchandise?

Dave's collection of records and videos (and other stuff) can be viewed online on his collection page. Be sure to check out Dave's wish list and help him find items he's looking for.

What's up with We've Got It All On UHF?

We've Got It All On UHF is a fan site for "Weird Al" Yankovic that Dave put together in 1994 and continues to maintain today. We've Got It All On UHF consists of many web pages, including, but not limited to text files, sound files, concert reviews, lists, including The 27 List, a songography, Dave's collection, stock in U-62, a page to warp Al's image, and of course, Dave's tattoos. In June 1996 the website moved from it's location on the Rutgers University servers to servers at Webspan. In July 2002, We've Got It All On UHF moved to its current home at http://weirdal.0catch.com. There are currently no plans to move the website again, but we'll keep you posted.

Did Dave write any web pages that were not included as part of his "Weird Al" Yankovic web page?

Besides We've Got It All On UHF, Dave maintains Weird Al Star Fund, whose goal is to raise the money needed to nominate Al for a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Dave also contributes to the Yank Blog, and is a moderator at the World Of "Weird Al" Yankovic Forum. Dave also has an entry on IMDB.com if you'd like to check that out too.

That's nice, but all I really wanted to know is what does Dave do for fun in his spare time?

Eat, sleep, build web pages, surf the Internet, work out, bicycle, go for long walks, watch TV, listen to talk radio, play Nintendo Wii, listen to CDs, watch professional wrestling, watch baseball (specifically The New York Yankees), hang out with his wife, and of course, attend "Weird Al" Yankovic concerts and collect "Weird Al" Yankovic items.

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