Planet Weird

Planet Hollywood
Las Vegas, NV
May 15, 2015

As each show goes on, there are a lot more people at the show compared to the previous night. It's still not close to selling out, as the balcony was still empty, but the whole floor level was pretty full.

I think there might have been some technical issues during "Wanna B Ur Lovr". It just sounded off, and "Weird Al" Yankovic was behind where he usually is in the audience, and had to run and walk fast to get on stage in time for the clapping. Also, Al forgot some lyrics to "Word Crimes", so he looked at the video screen to catch his place. I don't blame him, it's a tough song, and he doesn't use any Teleprompter like other performers. Anyway, that's just minor stuff, it was a really good show and the audience was loud and into it.

Jackie and I had third row seats, almost dead center. I was really digging the view. In case I didn't mention it, the lighting this tour is amazing. Lots of LED lights, and whoever is running them really know what they are doing to make the stage look amazing. Especially during "Dare To Be Stupid" and the encore. Partly because of the lighting, I find myself getting lost in the moment during "The Yoda Chant."

We were sitting next to two guys originally from NYC area, but now located out of San Fransisco, who were having the time of their life. Everyone is getting so creative with costumes too. One guy in the front row had "Tacky" down pat, and the people sitting in front of us had made their foil hats in the shape of a poodle and moose antlers.

After the show, we got to say a quick hello to Nancy McCarthy (Diva) before they shuffled us out. We met Bob Groder in the lobby and took pictures with the stormtroopers, then Bob, Jackie, and I went to dinner at P.F. Chang and then painted the town red. There was an awesome Elvis impersonator in front of Planet Hollywood. He looked and sounded like Elvis, but he also was ventriloquist and living statue. Very nice guy too, he encouraged photos and everything. He would also move suddenly and scare people walking by. We watched him for several songs, before heading over to Cosmopolitan where Bob was a big winner -- he won $4.75!

I am really loving this Vegas thing. Catching a great show, then hanging out and having fun with friends into all hours of the night.