Holiday Inn
Evanston, IL
June 13, 1998


ALCON '98 was awesome! I've been looking forward to this event ever since the day it was announced and now that it's over I'm never gonna forget it! Above is a picture of some of the souvenirs I picked up that day. It was great to get to meet such fine people as The *other* Amanda, Unruly Julie, Videot, Gumby, Happy Steve, Jeff Morris, Greg, PoohBear and his family, the other Sharon and her daughter, Amanda's Dad, MeriRenae (who I think really likes my bumper sticker), Trivial Todd, Good Time Gil, Eric the Amish roommate, Haakon and Stephanie at the Subway, Joe and his autographed LP cover (I still can't believe someone asked me for my autograph!), Blair and his wild bidding, oh, and of course Mike A. and Amanda and tons of other people I know I forgot to mention (245 of the nicest people you'll ever meet!). Plus it was great to see again Sharon, UHJeff, Lynnette, Bermuda, and that guy with the really curly hair and the Hawaiian shirts, Al!

If you were there, and I missed you I'm sorry. There were so many people there that I wanted to meet but didn't know that they were there until the day after. I was the only male ticket taker there so unless you arrived after 2:00 then I know you saw me. But you gotta admit, there was some serious feeling of family between all of us there, huh!?

I was also third place in the Look-Al-Like contest. You can see part of my prize above, the autographed CD! By the way, thanks again Julie for letting me use your accordion.

And for all of you who are wondering... yes, the shoes are my size!


Here are some of my souvenirs. Besides the stuff in the frame above I also got some other cool stuff.


I didn't bring a camera with me, but some close personal friends let me post these pictures from their collection onto my website.